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Shabby garage transformed into an impressive micro home

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A full renovation gave an old garage a facelift

garage renovated into micro home Photo: IM Interior

Some people use their garage as a workshop or storage unit. Others turn it into a super sleek mini home that puts most apartments to shame. Lithuanian studio IM Interior renovated a dilapidated garage into a 226-square-foot studio complete with a bed, kitchen, and bathroom.

Steel garage next to old building Photo: IM Interior

From the outside, the steel-clad micro home looks like an extension of the weathered building it’s attached to. Meanwhile, the interiors boast clean, light wood walls and ceilings that are illuminated by built-in LED strips.

Bamboo chair dangling from ceiling Photo: IM Interior

The space is designed around a single square room that includes a bed that doubles as a sofa, dine-in counter space, and a kitchenette. A compact bathroom has enough room for a toilet and an impressively tiled shower.

Bed next to window Photo: IM Interior

In the corner of the studio. a bamboo chair dangles from the ceiling to create more hang-out space. It’s a perfect example of how a room can be small, but when everything has its place, feel like the perfect size.

“I wanted to show how little a person needs,” said IM Interior founder Indrė Mylytė-Sinkevičienė. Mission accomplished.

Via: Dezeen