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Modern mountain retreat hides everything in its walls

Seamless space efficiency

Exterior of timber home surrounded by trees Photo: Fernando Guerra via Dezeen

There’s way more than meets the eye at this minimalist vacation home in Guimarães, Portugal. Andreia Garcia Architectural Affairs and Diogo Aguiar Studio designed the modern mountain cabin to disguise pretty much everything in the home except the essentials.

living room with fold-out bed Photo: Fernando Guerra via Dezeen

Clad in narrow timber planks both inside and outside, the compact home blends perfectly into its wooded surroundings. At first glance, the space is exceedingly simple, but in fact, it’s hiding away the kitchen, storage, bathroom, and bed behind moveable timber walls that create a now-you-see-it, now-you-don’t effect.

Man opening timber doors to reveal kitchen Photo: Fernando Guerra via Dezeen

When the doors are closed, the house becomes a simple square room. When they’re open, they reveal an efficient, clever layout that has everything a visitor could need.

Woman standing in room with timber walls and black floor Photo: Fernando Guerra via Dezeen

The living room doubles as a bedroom thanks to a bed that folds up into the wall. Accordion doors hide a compact kitchen that includes a sink, bar storage, and a stove. The bathroom, likewise, is hidden behind doors with same wood pattern; a skylight illuminates the small space naturally.

Via: Dezeen