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Prefab tiny cabin inspired by the airplane arrives flatpacked

The Fuselage cabin is shipped to you in a box

Tiny aluminum cabin in woods. Photo: Tree Tents

Fuselage is a cabin in a box. Yes, you read that right. Like Ikea desks and direct-to-consumer sofas, this new flatpack vacation home from Tree Tents is shipped to you in a box and can be constructed upon arrival.

Like its aeronautically themed name suggests, the tiny prefab cabin has a tubular shape that vaguely evokes elments of an airplane. From end to end the aluminum Fuselage stretches 17 feet long and is around 8 feet wide, making it certifiably cozy. Made from timber and recycled aluminum parts, the cabin is lightweight enough to stand on stilts or hang from a tree like a giant ornament (expert consultation advised).

Man sitting at table next to window.
Hanging table next to window.

The cabin has triple insulation, a wood burning stove, and radiant heating, meaning it will withstand chilly weather. The basic model, which starts at around $33,500 includes convertible furniture including a set of bunk beds, and a table/queen size bed.

Silver cabin in forest Photo: Tree Tents

The cabin takes six to eight weeks to to build in a warehouse before it’s shipped to its final location, where it can be built in two to four days.

Via: The Spaces