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Ikea is launching air-purifying curtains next year

A light-activated solution kills odors and pollutants

Man standing in front of loom Photo: Ikea

First came the automated blinds that can open and close with the push of a button. Now, Ikea is adding to its line of innovative window treatments with a new curtain made from air-purifying fabric.

The Gunrid line is made from fabric coated with a photocatalyst solution that’s activated when natural or artificial light passes through it. Details are scant on how exactly this technology works and what size particulate matter it can combat, but Ikea claims that the solution is able to break down common indoor pollutants like odors and formaldehyde.

Close up of white curtain Photo: Ikea

Over the last few years, Ikea worked with research universities to develop the solution, which can be applied to the surface of any fabric to banish odors and pollutants (just imagine what this means for anyone with pets and a fabric couch). How does it feel? Does it smell? Does it actually work? Those are all questions we’ll get to answer when the line of curtains drops next year.

Via: Dezeen