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Ultimate family camper can sleep seven for $20K

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Another European camper that shows what’s possible

The new C’Go Up from German RV maker Dethleffs can sleep a family of seven with plenty of storage space.
Courtesy of Dethleffs

Maybe you have a large family, or perhaps you want to bring some friends on a trip, but what’s an adventurer to do when most campers struggle to fit even four people? Sure, you could always buy a giant Class A RV, however, for many people that’s either out of the budget or doesn’t fit with the type of camping they want to do. Love campers and trailers? Come join our community group.

Fortunately, more and more companies are using innovative layouts to add sleeping capacity to campers of all sizes. The retro-inspired Happier Camper uses a modular design to sleep five, some teardrops sleep a family of four with bunkbeds, and this custom Sprinter van can sleep six in the summer.

The latest to catch our eye is the C’Go Up from German RV maker Dethleffs. We’ve covered some of Dethleffs’ innovative designs in the past—like this motorhome covered in solar panels and this trailer that can be towed by an electric car—and the C’Go Up impresses with a functional and creative layout to sleep a family of seven. Yup, seven people can sleep in a trailer that’s less than 23 feet long.

The white and gray exterior looks a bit bland compared to some of the newer caravan designs, but what the C’Go Up lacks in glitz it makes up for in functionality. Inside, the family-friendly features start in the front of the trailer, where two bunk beds and a kid’s dining and lounge area (that also transforms into a bed) will keep the younger set happy. Upper cabinets, full-height shelves, and three different windows make the space both airy and also full of practical storage options.

The upper bed (including the cabinets) drops down to create a bunk bed area.

The other half of the trailer is more about the adults, with a full-size dinette that transforms into a double bed at night. Where Dethleffs really impresses is with the second double bed that lowers down from the ceiling to create a bunk-bed like sleeping arrangement. Don’t need to sleep a full seven people? Keep the dinette set up for eating and just use the upper bed.

In between the two sleeping areas there’s a small kitchen with triple-burner stove, sink, and refrigerator, while a small bathroom includes a stainless steel sink, shower, and toilet. Other amenities include plenty of head clearance with 6-foot 8-inch ceilings, heating, and LED lighting.

Like so many other campers we covet, the C’Go Up is only available in Europe for approximately $20,850. But don’t despair; lots of creative ideas are flowing on both sides of the pond and this type of layout could be used in DIY RV builds with a bit of effort. We think it’s worth sharing cool campers—no matter where they are from—to show where the industry is headed. And if the C’Go Up is any indication, the future looks bright for affordable camper trailers that can sleep a crowd.

The exterior may not be fancy, but interior functionality makes up for it.
When set up for eating or lounging, the dinette area can seat a crowd.
The main area set up for sleeping four people.
The front of the caravan includes a dinette area for the kids that also transforms into an extra sleeping space.
Two bunk beds in the front of the camper.

Via: New Atlas