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Tiered platforms create nifty street furniture

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A fun take on public furniture

People hanging out on platform Photo: Rahul Palagani via Dezeen

While some cities are content with regular old benches, designers in Rijeka, Croatia, have built a multi-tiered platform that serves as a gathering and relaxation spot for anyone passing by.

Built along the city’s port, the wood and metal pavilion called Level Up aims to revitalize Rijeka’s unused space. “Instead of creating new public urban area, Level Up puts focus on reclaiming existing space,” the design team—comprising Brett Mahon, Joonas Parviainen, Saagar Tulshan, and Shreyansh Sett—told Dezeen.

Platform pavilion on dock Photo: Rahul Palagani via Dezeen

The pavilion, an extension to a ’50s industrial building, is built as a series of platforms that look like high-design scaffolding. Wood slatted platforms straddle metal tubing, and stairs lead from one level to the next, allowing visitors to climb to the top and take in the shipyard views.

Woman swinging from platform Photo: Rahul Palagani via Dezeen

The designers wanted the pavilion to feel industrial like its surroundings, but they imbued the project with a little playful irreverence, too. A swing and hammock hang from the platforms as a gentle reminder that functionality and fun aren’t mutually exclusive.

Via: Dezeen