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Planned robot science museum will be built by robots, obviously

Seoul’s upcoming Robot Science Museum practices what it preaches

Rendering of robots building museum Rendering: MAA

Well, isn’t this meta: Seoul’s planned Robot Science Museum is going to be built by a fleet of robots. In a perfect example of life imitating art (or in this case, life imitating science exhibitions), robots will design, fabricate, and construct many of the museum’s components.

Turkish architecture studio Melike Altinisik Architects devised the master plan for the building, which will be the world’s first museum dedicated to robotic science. Renderings show a cream, egg-shaped building with softly rounded edges and a glassy base.

According to MAA’s principal, Melike Altinisik, robots will touch the project from start to finish, beginning with drones used to site map the land and perform inspections. Another set of robots will shape and assemble the facade’s metal plates, while more robots 3D print concrete parts.

Rendering of round, white museum Rendering: MAA
Interior of museum Rendering: MAA

When the museum opens at its projected date of 2022, the building will stand as a showcase of its purpose. “In other words, the Robot Science Museum will start its first exhibition with its own construction by robots on site,” Altinisik says.

That in itself isn’t a new concept. Robots have constructed both experimental pavilions and practical structures in recent years. Seoul’s robot museum lives somewhere between the two as an ambitious experiment to see how far we can push autonomous building.

Via: Archinect