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Modern concrete house frames the ocean perfectly

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The Frame House lives up to its name

White concrete house with terrace Photo: Adrià Goula via Dezeen

There’s no such thing as a bad view at the Frame House in Mallorca, Spain. Built with floor-to-ceiling windows and an unusually expansive terrace, the home frames the Mediterranean Sea like a James Turrell Skyspace piece.

Woman standing on terrace Photo: Adrià Goula via Dezeen

Nomo Studio reversed the typical layout of the concrete home, which is located on a sloping site. By hosting the main living spaces on the higher floor, including the living room, kitchen, and master bedroom, the designers aimed to create a “loft apartment” with maximal views—a more convenient space for the owners, who often use the house as a quick getaway.

The main floor opens out into a large covered terrace that faces the water, while the lower, more private level houses more bedrooms. The sides of the house are clad in solid concrete that’s typically used in industrial projects, allowing the house to incorporate long, interrupted spans.

“The strong contrast between the openness of the sea-view facade and the opacity of the side and back facades create a strong framing effect,” the architects told Dezeen .

White concrete house Photo: Adrià Goula via Dezeen

Via: Dezeen