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Ship-like midcentury modern house asks $890K

Large windows provide views to the outdoors

Photos courtesy of The Strong Oestreich Team of Douglas Elliman

Architecture can take inspiration from many sources, and today’s House of the Day shows unique inspiration in action. Located in Armonk, New York, this three-bedroom, two-bath home was originally designed in 1954 by noted architect Roy S. Johnson with many midcentury elements in mind.

But Johnson created the home for a ship’s captain, using subtle nautical references combined with the nature-forward tenets of midcentury design. The shape of the house is reminiscent of a boat, with strong angles reaching skyward with a glass bow and stern. Clad in redwood and built to follow the lands’ contours, the 2,151-square-foot house has been known locally as the “Captain’s House” in honor of its design.

The house also boasts many sustainable design elements, using passive solar to help offset energy costs. When the home’s owners wanted to renovate the property in 1974, they turned in Franklin L. Geiffert—a student of Johnson—to install a second floor incorporating two additional bedrooms, bonus rooms, and a large bath.

The result is a unique midcentury house, one with two-stories and plenty of light from the large windows. Love the blend of nautical inspiration and 1950s style? Six Half Mile Road is on the market now for $890,000.

Looking out onto the “bow and stern” section of the house, made with an overhanging roof.
The dining room invites the outdoors in with large windows and views to the surrounding forest.
A large living room fire place adds coziness.
Skylights add airiness to the already light rooms.
The master bedroom echoes the ship-like architecture found downstairs.
The angular, overhanging roof creates a statement piece when viewed from the backyard.