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Tiny electric vehicle designed as an alternative to cars, bikes, and scooters

Ami One, a new “urban mobility object” concept from Citroën, caters to urban dwellers with or without a license

Rendering of blue and orange car Citroën

If you think dockless electric scooters are the divisive transportation topic of our time, just wait until you meet the Ami One—a tiny electric shared vehicle designed for urban dwellers get around the city, licensed or not.

Measuring just over 8 feet long and 5 feet wide with a range of 65 miles, the concept from French automaker Citroën aims to provides another alternative to shared cars, bikes, and scooters. Its top speed is 28 mph, which makes it legal in some countries for people without a drivers license to get behind the wheel (low-speed vehicle regulations vary from state to state in the U.S., and most require a drivers license).

Rendering of inside of car with blue seats Citroën

For most people, the thought of unlicensed drivers behind the wheel of a car, no matter what speed it’s traveling, is a total nonstarter, but Citroën doesn’t quite consider the Ami One a car. Rather, it’s an “urban mobility object.”

Semantics aside, the Ami One is, in fact, a car. It has four tires and a steering wheel. Renderings show two seats and a small back cabin for storage.

Rendering of steering wheel Citroën

Like electric scooters, the Ami One is controlled by a smartphone app, which connects to the main in-car interface and acts as the key to unlocking the car. The Ami One is, by all intentions, a bigger, faster, and potentially more dangerous extension of the dockless scooter trend.

The company says the vehicle, recently unveiled at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show, is meant to be “disruptive”, and if it ever comes to market you can bet that will be true—for better or for worse.

Via: Dezeen