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High-design chicken coop crafted for maximum chicken comfort

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It’s easier to grab eggs, too

Wood chicken coop on farm Photo: Ali Taptik via Dezeen

Is it just us, or has the chicken coop been an object of architecttural fascination as of late? Once dingy and utilitarian, the chicken coop has undergone a stylish resurgence thanks to architects playing with layout and materials.

Chicken standing in doorway Photo: Ali Taptik via Dezeen

The latest example of haute chicken huts is from Istanbul-based studio SO?, who has designed a modular coop on an artist-run farm in Turkey. The House of Chickens is an angular wooden structure large enough to house 800 chickens.

Chickens inside nesting wooden boxes Photo: Ali Taptik via Dezeen

It has an oak plywood facade, wood trusses that support oxidized metal walls, and a slanted corrugated roof that creates a shaded canopy for the chickens. A grid of interior nesting cubbies have latches on the outside of the building, which allow farmers to access a chicken without bothering the brood too much.

Chickens outside of coop Photo: Ali Taptik via Dezeen

Ingeniously, collecting eggs works much the same way—a wooden latch at bottom of the hut opens for easy access. Though it might seem like overkill to some, the whole place is designed with the chickens’ comfort in mind.

“Designing for a user that does neither demand nor pay for a property is another ambitious task in the design process,” SO? told Dezeen. “If the users—chickens—do not appreciate the house, they simply won’t live in it.”

Via: Dezeen