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Spindly treetop cabins look like birdhouses for people

A getaway custom built for the Norwegian woods

Metal treehouse amongst trees Photo by Rasmus Norlander via Dezeen

Eco-tourism design is usually a product of its surroundings. In the tropics you get solar panel roofs; in the Canadian forest, you get sturdy, warm geodesic domes; and in Norway, you get spindly cabins that blend with the tall evergreen trees.

Entrance with wooden door Photo by Rasmus Norlander via Dezeen
Treehouse with spiral staircase leading up to entrance Photo by Rasmus Norlander via Dezeen

The Pan Treetop Cabins sit atop of a hill in Norway’s Finnskogen region like a birdhouse built for humans. The lanky structures, designed by architect Espen Surnevik, perch atop metal stilts that look like the base of electricity pylons.

A fenced-in staircase winds up to the cabin entrance, which sits at the height of the tree line. Inside, the cabins are decked out in minimalist Scandinavian charm. Pale pine lines the floors and walls. Angular windows look out onto the wooded landscape.

Cabin with pine walls and floors Photo by Rasmus Norlander via Dezeen
Small kitchen with sink and black cabinets Photo by Rasmus Norlander via Dezeen

The cabins have a small kitchen, bathroom, and lofted bedroom, as well as murphy beds and fold-out tables that are hidden in the walls to save space.

Surnevik says he angled the cabins to capture as much natural light as possible, at least whenever the sun shows up. You can book a night at the PAN Cabins here.

Via: Dezeen