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‘Planter box’ concrete house grows 40 types of edible plants

Talk about local produce

Concrete house with plants on facade Photo by Ameen Deen via Designboom

The “Planter Box House” in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, is the literal definition of a concrete jungle. Situated on a densely packed street, its facade features clusters of oversized concrete boxes brimming with plants.

Local architecture studio Formzero designed the home for a retired couple as a series of contrasts: Its concrete facade is imprinted with a bamboo stick pattern. The block-like planters are filled with more than 40 types of edible plants, balancing the building’s man-made nature with nature itself.

Kitchen and steel staircase Photo by Ameen Deen

Though its monolithic concrete facade look impenetrable from the outside, inside the house is bright and airy thanks to double-height ceilings and an open central staircase that seems to dangle from steel rods.

Room with floor-to-ceiling glass walls Photo by Ameen Deen

The house also has full-length glass walls that open onto patios where the residents can snip and prune the plants for a hyper-hyper local snack. See more photos this way.

Cascading concrete planters Photo by Ameen Deen

Via: Designboom