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Ingenious 189-square-foot apartment has everything you need

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A lesson in micro living

Photo of woman working at computer Photo by Hey!Cheese Photography via Dezeen

There are “tiny homes” and then there are truly tiny homes like this 189-square-foot apartment in Taipei.

Design firm A Little Design transformed the former piano studio into a sleek abode that takes full advantage of every square inch. The apartment utilizes all the tiny home tricks—built-in storage, double-duty furniture, loft beds—and then does them one better.

Kitchen with built-in shelving Photo by Hey!Cheese Photography via Dezeen

The apartment is split into two levels—one for the main living spaces and another for sleeping. The first floor features a living room with a sofa that can double as a guest bed and a collapsable table that lays flush against the wall.

Bathroom with white tile Photo by Hey!Cheese Photography via Dezeen

The snug kitchen feels spacious enough to cook thanks to built-in shelving units and room-long countertops. The bathroom somehow, miraculously, even has a small bathtub.

Bed in nook Photo by Hey!Cheese Photography via Dezeen

A set of stairs leads up to the sleeping loft where there’s a bed tucked cozily into a nook. The apartment is small, but with everything exactly where it needs to be, it shows how little space people actually need.

Via: Dezeen