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You can stay in this defunct air traffic control tower

It’s more luxurious than it sounds

Black building with large windows Airbnb via The Spaces

During World War II, the HMS Owl Air Control Tower served as a home base for pilots landing their planes in the Scottish countryside. Today, it’s a fancy hotel.

Welcome to 2019.

After five years of renovations, the former air traffic control tower is now for rent, starting at $128 per night. Like you might expect, the restored building has a militaristic charm.

living room with leather couches and large stove Airbnb via The Spaces

Neutral rugs lay atop the rough concrete floors; black paint covers the exposed brick walls; reclaimed furniture and oversized task lamps are scattered about; and bottles of fancy booze line the shelves of an old medicine cabinet.

Bed with plaid duvet Airbnb via The Spaces

It’s a perfect balance of modern and curated vintage that makes you feel like you were somehow transported into a very well-designed version of the past.

Reclaimed wood kitchen table Airbnb via The Spaces

Though its vintage look is admittedly part artifice, the owners did keep the building’s most striking architectural feature: the large gridded windows that give a view of the vast, flat landscape.

Via: The Spaces