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This compact camper expands to sleep six

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A towable trailer that adds 300 square feet in seconds? Yes, please

France-based Beauer makes expandable caravans that triple in size thanks to a telescoping design.
Courtesy of Beauer

It’s not very often that a company can revolutionize camper design, whether through an RV’s style or function. But that’s what happened when France-based Beauer debuted its 3X trailer, an expandable caravan that triples in size thanks to its telescoping design. Love campers and trailers? Come join our community group.

Originally conceived in 2009, the Beauer 3X trailer aims to be easy to tow, yet spacious once you arrive at camp. However, when we reported in the past on the Beauer 3X trailer, it was more concept than reality. Now both the 3X trailer and a new 3X Plus model have come to market, including an appearance at the recent CMT camper show in Stuttgart.

In all of the Beauer campers, the technology works by deploying three modules horizontally, something that looks like three nesting cans. In the folded position the furniture fits inside each other, but expand the trailer and you get bedrooms, a bathroom, kitchen, living room, and dining room. While the original trailer sleeps four in 130 square feet, the new Plus model adds sleeping space for six and a total of 300 square feet.

The larger Plus foregoes the circle-like shape of the original for an oblong design with curved ends. It’s not light at 4,080 pounds, and at a push of a button the trailer expands to triple its size in about a minute.

Inside the Beauer 3X Plus, with a dining room, galley kitchen, bathroom, and entertainment area.

Inside, the front area includes a dining room and a sofa lounge—which doubles as a sleeping space—while an L-shaped kitchen and a dry bathroom round out the amenities. The Plus manages to fit two bedrooms, a master with a double bed and a second bedroom with two singles to the left. And unlike the smaller model, the Plus’s dining room and lounge furniture are not hard-mounted and require you to store them by hand.

The 3X Plus starts at about $56,675, and is currently only available in Europe. That’s disappointing for stateside campers, of course, but we report on these stories so that Americans can see the new innovation that is happening elsewhere. Because in today’s global market, ideas often quickly spread from one place to another.

The new Beauer 3X Plus model is longer and wider than the original, with the same telescoping design.
Courtesy of Beauer
The bathroom is larger in the Plus model than in the original.
Courtesy of Beauer
The master bedroom is private, even if it is a bit tight.
Courtesy of Beauer

Via: New Atlas