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Compact camper trailer uses a drop-down bed to haul gear

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Amenities include a queen size bed, dual awnings, and wood accents

Photos courtesy of Trail Marker Outdoors

Curbed has covered a lot of fun and innovative campers and RVs, and yet each week another pops up that still manages to impress. The latest to catch our eye is the Sequoia from Trail Marker Outdoors. Love campers and trailers? Come join our community group.

Based in upstate New York, Trail Marker Outdoors makes suped-up cargo trailers that can haul gear and sleep two people inside. The Sequoia is the company’s flag ship model, weighing it at a relatively lightweight 1,600 pounds and with a construction that’s off-road capable.

The boxy trailer uses honeycomb composite core walls, a six foot by 12 foot interior, and two side access doors with built-in screens. A rear door can function as a ramp or platform thanks to lockable legs, and the rear door also comes with its own screen to keep out bugs.

It’s a simple design that surprises with extras, including lots of windows and a skylight above the sleeping area. The interior boasts LED lighting, Acacia wood detailing, a stainless steel counter, and storage cabinets.

But where the Sequoia really differs from other companies is its drop-down bed feature. You can choose to have a power or manual operation, and in either case a full queen size bed with foam mattress drops down from its top position once you arrive at camp. This means that you can still haul multiple bikes (or even motorcycles) to camp thanks to an interior bike mount system that holds everything secure during travel.

Dual exterior awnings turn into rooms with privacy screens, allowing you to camp more people. It’s a smart take on a trailer, one that offers a few upgrades—hello, queen bed—while still checking all the boxes of a more rugged camper. The model shown here costs $26,194, although Trail Marker Outdoors offers other, less luxurious campers at more reasonable prices. Head over here, for more.

A rear view of the drop-down bed system and dual awnings.
The interiors are surprisingly inviting with a memory foam mattress, skylight, and large windows.
The trailer boasts stainless steel counters and wood accents.
Sequoia, Trail Marker Outdoors
A closer look at the drop-down bed system.
A look at how bikes fit in the rollaway interior mounts.