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Floating prefab tiny home is not your average houseboat

Sleek and stylish

A floating tiny home at a pier with other boats. The tiny home has a rectangular shape and large windows. Photo: Kodasema

Kodasema, the Estonian design collective known for its ultra-stylish tiny homes, has created yet another ultra-stylish tiny home. Only this time it floats on water.

The company’s new minimalist design, the Koda Light Float, sits atop of pontoons, allowing it to float at a dock or hitch to a boat. Unlike Koda’s sleek, concrete tiny homes, the Light Float is built from a timber and glass frame that’s clad in a variety of materials including zinc and wood.

A living area on a tiny house boat. There is a couch, chairs, tables, shelves, and a staircase leading to the top of the boat. Kodasema
A living area with a breakfast bar on a tiny house boat. The walls are white. There is a couch, chairs, tables, and windows letting in natural light. Photo: Kodasema

Inside, the 277-square-foot tiny home has a spacious living room with tall ceilings, a modern kitchen, a sleeping area, and a bathroom with a shower and toilet. It also comes with an expansive wooden deck that’s asking for lounge chairs.

A person walks a dog on the wooden deck of a tiny house boat which is sitting in a boat marina. Photo: Kodasema

The minimalist interiors turn the tiny home into a blank canvas—Koda says the Light Float can be used as a houseboat, artists’ studio, harbor cafe, or a “fisherman’s dream boat.”

The floating Koda home, which can be stacked to create a bigger dwelling, has a three-month turnaround time. Price is upon request.

A bedroom in a tiny house boat. There is a bed with white bed linens and a white cushioned headboard. There is a table, candelabra, light fixtures, and a ladder leading to a top level. Photo: Kodasema

Via: The Spaces