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Ikea releases 3D-printable furniture hacks for people with disabilities

Using simple add-ons to make existing Ikea products more accessible

Ikea hacks typically have the goal of making Ikea products look less like Ikea products. But a new project from the retailer, in collaboration with disability-minded nonprofits Milbat and Access Israel, is putting a new, accessible spin on the concept.

ThisAbles is a series of product add-ons that make existing Ikea furniture more accessible for people with disabilities. These simple furniture modifications include large rubber handles that attach to cabinets and curtains, oversized switches that sit atop lamp buttons, and lifts that slip onto couch legs.

The products have been released online as downloadable schematics that can be 3D printed and added to existing furniture. As of now, there are 13 products on the website, but ThisAbles invites anyone to propose new solutions that the team might not have thought of. Of course, while ThisAbles is a clever solution, it’s easy to argue that Ikea should be designing for accessibility from the start.

Via: Fast Company