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Perfectly preserved midcentury modern house asks $2.5M

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A “forgotten” Albert Frey-designed home in Palm Springs

A one-bedroom midcentury modern house features an overhanging deck and yellow fiberglass siding. The desert green house blends in with the desert surroundings. Photos by Lance Gerber

There are plenty of stunning midcentury modern homes in Palm Springs, but this one-bedroom 1955 gem is straight out of a movie set. Called the Cree House and designed in 1955 by Swiss-born architect Albert Frey, the home was commissioned by prominent Palm Springs community leader Raymond Cree. But unlike many of the other stand-out buildings in the area, the flat-roofed, boxy home set into the rocky foothills was never open to the public.

This privacy earned the one-bedroom, one-and-a-half-bath home the nickname the ‘Forgotten Frey,’ but that all changed this past February when the well-preserved home was opened to the public for Modernism Week.

The property sits on a 8.2-acre hillside, supported by steel columns. It features a 600-square-foot overhanging deck and distinctive yellow fiberglass siding. The 1,124-square-foot building is painted the color of desert flowers—called an encelia green—and the structure blends natural materials with industrial simplicity.

A centerpiece fireplace uses native rock picked from the site, and the home includes original touches like a wall refrigerator, vintage light fixtures, and the glass shower door. Despite its diminutive size, the house lives larger than expected thanks to expansive walls of glass and plenty of outdoor space.

Can’t get enough? 67389 East Palm Canyon Drive is on the market now for $2,500,000.

The large fireplace is made from native rock collected on site.
A well-preserved kitchen includes the original wall refrigerator.
The bedroom looks out onto views of the valley below.
The house sits in an outcropping of rocks in the hillside.
The house features a 600-square-foot overhanging deck and distinctive yellow fiberglass siding.
The deck also serves as covering for the car port.