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Circular tiny home transforms with sliding walls

A clever concept for an ultra-adaptable house

Rendering of round tiny home on grassy expanse. Photo: IB Studio

How do you make the most of 290 square feet? One way is to get rid of the walls altogether. A new tiny home concept from IB Studio, the design practice of Beatrice Bonzanigo and Isabella Invernizzi, reimagines compact living as a round, convertible space whose sliding walls appear and disappear thanks to a clever mechanical system.

Round tiny home open to elements. IB Studio

Casa Ojalá sits on a pedestal with stairs that lead up to what can only be described as a 180-degree entrance. There’s no front door, per se; rather, the circular structure is outfitted with sliding wood walls and rolling fabric dividers that can be deployed in various ways to generate 20 different layouts.

“The boundary between inner and outer space no longer exists,” the designers told Dezeen. “Outdoor is a substantial, fundamental and precious part of it.”

Round tiny home on beach Photo: IB Studio

A system of pulleys, ropes, and cranks control the adaptable partitions, making it easy to divide the space in whatever ways works best. The tiny home has enough room for two bedrooms, a bathroom, and a multi-purpose living space.

Tiny home with wood walls on top of mountain. IB Studio

The concept, which the designers will show at Milan Design Week in April as a 1:10 scale model, is designed to be mobile. Renderings show it open to the elements on a beach and walled-up in a mountainous landscape.