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Winnebago’s new camper van is prepped for off-grid adventure

Available in 4x4 this summer

Courtesy of Winnebago

There were plenty of interesting and innovative RVs at RVX, the new industry trade show held last week in Salt Lake City. But one of the big announcements of the show was the debut of a brand new RV from Iowa-based industry powerhouse Winnebago. Love campers and trailers? Come join our community group.

With an eye to adventurous camper van buyers, Winnebago announced a new Class B camper van called the Boldt. Well-known for the Revel, a converted 144-inch Mercedes Sprinter with four-wheel drive, Winnebago is looking to grow their share of the camper van market with a new four-season coach.

Inspired by German explorer and naturalist Alexander Von Humboldt, the Boldt is built on the 24-foot Mercedes-Benz chassis with a 3.0-liter V6 diesel engine, blind spot monitoring, active brake assist, rain sensor, and auto-high beam assist. There are two floorplans—called the 70KL and the 70BL—that integrate a sleeping area, a galley kitchen, and a dining area.

Winnebago includes their flex bed system that allows two to three campers to convert the bedroom or living area spaces into different configurations. Twin beds can be turned into a single queen-size bed, or the dinette can be made into a single sleeper depending on the layout that you choose. There are also track mounts located throughout the van so that you can attach electronics, storage baskets, extra tables, and other travel accessories.

Other perks include extensive insulation so you can use the van during all seasons, rear and side screen doors, and a kitchen that includes all the standard necessities for cooking. The galley boasts a Corian countertop, dual convection-microwave oven, a stainless steel sink with cutting boards, and a fridge. Each floorplan features a wet bath, wardrobe, and extra countertop extension, too.

For technology lovers, the Boldt delivers a “Hey Mercedes,” AI voice interface system that works like Alexa or Siri, allowing for voice control navigation throughout the camper. Integrated Wi-Fi, a 24”-inch LED TV, an impressive sound system, and extras like power doors round out the amenities, and it’s all powered by a 10.1 kwh lithium-ion energy pack that keeps you running overnight even without shore power.

Perhaps the most interesting feature of the Boldt is that while the MSRP will be close to $185,000, the camper van will be available in a 4x4 option. That’s great news for people looking for a larger camper than the Revel who still want four-wheel drive, and don’t want to go the custom route. The Boldt is currently starting production but off-road adventurers will have to hold tight—the 4x4 won’t be available until summer. We’ll update this story with more photos as we have them.