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Cozy compact cabin remixes the A-frame

A modern take on a classic

Timber cabin in the snow Photo: Jack Jérôme

The A-frame cabin is a classic element of camping culture. The simple structure has become so ingrained in outdoor life that architects are now toying with the iconic shape, pinching a corner here, straightening an angle there.

Hanging chair in kitchen Photo: Jack Jérôme

This cozy cabin in Canada’s Poisson Blanc Regional Park, is a perfect example of how a few small tweaks can make the an A-frame feel totally fresh. Atelier L’Abri designed “La Pointe” as an off-grid micro shelter that’s big enough to house up to four people.

Wood burning stove in corner Photo: Jack Jérôme

The cedar-clad home has an irregular “A” shape that’s more right triangle than isosceles. At the front, a large square window sits next to an alcove for firewood. Connected to the side of the main house is a terrace with a steeply sloping steel roof. The designers say it was important for them to create a “simple, almost sculptural object.”

Person climbing ladder to loft Photo: Jack Jérôme

That directive applies to the interior, as well, where the home is swathed in wood and black accents. The house has custom-built cabinetry and a table that can be converted into a bed. The main bedroom is lofted above the ground floor and is accessed by a ladder.