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These clever homes for wildlife are built from old Ikea furniture

One human’s trash is a new home for birds

A fox walks towards an outdoor wildlife structure. In the distance are trees. Photo: Ikea

Ikea’s never-ending quest to make its massive operation more sustainable has taken a creative turn with a new project that turns old furniture for humans into new furniture for wildlife.

The Wildhomes for Wildlife is a collaboration between Ikea, advertising firm Mother, and a handful of designers and artists to celebrate the opening of what Ikea is calling its “most sustainable store”, located in the Greenwich borough of London.

A wildlife house which has various circular structure attached to stalks jutting out from a central pole.
Månstråle House by Beep Studio.
Photo: Ikea
A colorful wildlife house designed to resemble a totem stack.
Bughattan by Adam Nathaniel Furman.
Photo: Ikea

Creatives including the architects at Studio Weave, designers at Beep Studio, and graphic designer Rob Lowe of Supermundane repurposed old Ikea furniture into clever new habitats for birds, bats, and bees. Beep Studio, for example, transformed old Stråla lamp stands into a cluster of mounted nesting pods for birds. Meanwhile, designer Adam Nathaniel Furman created a haven for wasps and bees with Bughattan, a totem-like stack of Eckbacken and Hammarp desktops.

The ad campaign is a delightful homage to the new store, which will sport eco-friendly features like solar panels, rainwater collection, and geothermal heating. Check out more photos over on Dezeen.

A colorful birdhouse attached to a tree. There are letters above the entrance which read: Home.
Dom by Supermundane.
Photo: Ikea