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Breezy midcentury ‘Vision-Aire’ home wants $720K

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Designed specifically for Florida’s climate, this ’50s home is meant to stay cool

Split-level house with pool Photo: James Ostrand

Here’s your chance to own a slice of Floridian history. A 1954 home designed by Glenn Q. Johnson is now on the market for $720,000, and it comes with plenty of midcentury charm.

Johnson was known for his work on a series of midcentury houses called Vision-Aire Homes, Per the listing, the series of 13 Vision-Aire residences were inspired by dwellings Johnson had seen during a tour in the Philippines in WWII. The houses, including this St. Petersburg abode, were designed to embrace Florida’s subtropical climate (read: hot and humid), with living areas that open to the prevailing breezes, exaggerated eaves to block out sun and rain, and concrete floors and walls to keep things cool.

This four-bedroom, three-bathroom split-level has all the markings of a “bird cage house,” the nickname given to Vision-Aire Homes for their airy appearance. The open-plan living room features vaulted wood ceilings and an updated kitchen.

Instead of lining the hallways with walls, they’re built as wooden jalousies, which allow cool air to flow through the house. In the back, the house has a remarkable covered pool and expansive pool deck.

At the time Vision-Aire Homes were built, they were considered modern marvels. Even today, some of the people who own the remaining houses want them designated as historical landmarks for their unique design.

Want to make this gem yours? 780 69th Ave S is listed at $720,000.

Living room with wood ceiling Photo: James Ostrand
Photo: James Ostrand
Photo: James Ostrand
Pool and pool deck Photo: James Ostrand