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Mexico’s coolest designers take over a bright red mansion

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Furniture gallery Masa transformed a 1970s mansion into a showroom for contemporary Mexican design

A living area where the floors and ceiling are painted red. There is a white table in the middle of the red room. Photo: Genevieve Lutkin

A mansion swathed in red paint and fabric is hardly what you think of when you hear gallery, and yet, that’s exactly where an exhibition from new furniture gallery Masa is popping up. For its inaugural “Collective/Collectible” show, Masa set up shop in an abandoned 1970s-era Mexico City mansion and filled it with furniture from the likes of sculptor Jose Dávila, architect Frida Escobedo, and artist Pedro Reyes.

Like other shoppable residential experiences, Masa’s home-meets-gallery spreads works throughout the house. A marble-topped table from Dávila sits out on the grass; an architectural chair from Escobedo is framed by two open curtains; Reyes’s two onyx terrazzo chairs sit at the bottom of a very majestic staircase.

A room with red carpet and painted red walls. There are two terrazzo chairs in the room. Photo: Genevieve Lutkin

And yet, you can tell the experience is more art than functional design. Maybe it’s the all-red everything, but it’s an eye-popping, and provocative arrangement for some very cool contemporary wares.

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