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Ikea’s new Tänkvärd line is all about self-care

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Rattan, linen, and a kimono

Woman in blue robe holding rattan basket Photo: Ikea

It was only a matter of time before Ikea, master of all trends, joined the “self-care” party. The retailer just announced Tänkvärd, a line dedicated to natural materials and calming designs that are meant to make you feel like you’ve just consumed a green juice after hot yoga and a facial.

Blue and white towel in basket Photo: Ikea

The line cuts across Ikea’s lifestyle categories with raw linen and indigo washed tea towels, sheets, and pillows. There’s a bedside carafe with a “pleasing weight,” woven rattan seats and baskets, and an airy kimono with a hand-stamped pattern designed for encouraging maximum lounging.

Blue and white pillows on chair Photo: Ikea
Blue and white throw on wooden ladder Photo: Ikea

Ikea describes the Tänkvärd line as living between “vanity and practicality,” and to its credit, it is a very functional group of goods. Its lead designer, Akanksha Deo, says the line is designed to blend Scandinavian freshness with Japanese calmness.

“The result is perfectly imperfect,” she says. “Pieces that are a bit wrinkled with a pre-worn handicraft feel, making each piece unique. Of course, by framing Tänkvärd as self-care, Ikea has now given the the already hyper-commercialized practice an aesthetic, too.”

The line hits U.S. stores this April.