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Striking brick house sits atop a coffee shop

The Cuckoo House is a masterclass in brickwork

An exterior view of a two level house that has a brick facade and arched windows. Photo: Oki Hiroyuki

The Cuckoo House perches on top of a coffee shop in Vietnam like a bird on a branch. Designed by Tropical Space, the same studio behind this stylish chicken coup and artful brick home, the residence has three volumes that cantilever over the ground floor.

A living area with concrete flooring, exposed red brick walls, and wooden shelves. Photo: Oki Hiroyuki

Though the living quarters are entirely separate, they blend right into the base thanks to a warm facade built from locally-made bricks—a Tropical Space speciality.

A living area with concrete floors, exposed brick walls, a bench, tables, and an arched window that overlooks trees. Photo: Oki Hiroyuki

The arrangement splits the home into different quarters—the concrete-floored communal space is at the lowest level, while the children’s rooms are at the top of the house. The master bedroom gets its own block, too, for added privacy.

A bedroom area with concrete floors, brick walls, and a window that has a wooden patterned divider which is letting in natural light. The ceiling is sloped. Photo: Oki Hiroyuki

The house is filled with materials like wood, brick, and concrete, which give it a sturdy warmth. But the home’s best feature is the light that filters through the arched windows and brick cut-outs that cast patterned light and shadows throughout.