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’70s lake house with conversation pit asks $1.5M

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The exterior of a blue house with a long path leading to the house. Photos by Jermaine Buie, Perfect Light LLC & Planomatics

Any type of lake house is a fab place to spend the summer, but add some top-notch architecture and a beach property can transform into a dream home. Take this five-bedroom, six-bath home in Burtchville Township on the shores of Lake Huron in Michigan.

The home’s unique floorplan was designed by architect William Kessler—a disciple of Walter Gropius and the Bauhaus School—in 1976 with four triangular volumes joined like a sharp-angled hourglass and bisected by a hallway. With 5,290 square feet, the glass-box home boasts views of Lake Huron, color-block cabinets, and plenty of floor-to-ceiling windows.

A lower floor features a downright groovy red-shag conversation pit with fireplace. Two walls of sliding glass doors offer front-row seats to beach views and a sauna, bathroom, and wine cellar are also on this level.

Throw in the home’s cedar atrium pool house, a private guesthouse, gardens, and 250-feet of beachfront access on 5 acres and you’ve got a colorful abode perfect for relaxing. Located at 7738 Lakeshore Road, the home has been on and off the market since 2016 and is now asking $1,549,000.

The exterior of a house with tall windows and a terraced deck that has a glass fence. The house is surrounded by grass and trees.
Large windows and an elevated Hanover Paver deck with glass rail showcase views to Lake Huron.
A room that has a red carpeted conversation pit and a fireplace. On one wall are floor to ceiling windows overlooking a lawn which is adjacent to a body of water.
A groovy red-shag conversation pit includes a small fireplace.
A living area with wooden walls and a fireplace. There are several colorful couches with assorted pillows.
The main living room features cedar accent walls and a giant fireplace.
A dining area with a table, chairs, white cabinetry, and a wall of windows overlooking a body of water.
Even the dining room offers a cozy spot with lake views.
A kitchen area with multicolored color blocked cabinetry and multiple appliances. There is a small polka dot area rug on the floor.
The kitchen includes the original color-blocked cabinets.
A dining area where the walls are entirely made of glass and overlook a yard with grass and trees. The dining area has a table with chairs and a light fixture.
The triangle design is repeated throughout the property.
A bedroom area with a bed that has striped bed linens, wooden walls, and a wall of floor to ceiling windows overlooking a yard.
The bedrooms also boast incredible views and an airy feel.