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Go-anywhere camper lets you adventure off the grid

The interiors are surprisingly comfy

All photos courtesy of Ziegler Adventure

Expedition campers differ from other types of adventure vehicles in significant ways. While camper vans or teardrop trailers prioritize interior amenities, off-road campers aim to get people wherever they’d like to go—no matter what. Love campers and trailers? Come join our community group.

In the past, we’ve reported on truck-based overland campers, custom rigs built for exploring, and RVs from EarthRoamer that can cost $1,500,000. Today, our focus is the German company Ziegler Adventure. Founded in 2015, Ziegler builds go-anywhere Moghome campers on the Mercedes Unimog U 4023.

Each camper is essentially a box on top of a very tough truck, and the interiors feature about 6.5 feet of headspace. Step inside the crisp white interiors and you’ll find a dinette area with seating, a table, and a driver-cab passthrough. The space also includes a drop-down bed for two, which some campers prefer over the convertible dinette.

A spacious kitchen features a wood and black color scheme with white walls. Cooking is made easy thanks to a twin induction cooktop, microwave and oven combo, and sink. The fridge is located on the rear wall conveniently at eye-level, while a countertop extension connects the main block to the refrigerator when flipped up.

For everyone that loves a toilet in their RV, the Moghome delivers not only a dry bathroom but also a separate shower compartment. Other perks include a 320-Ah lithium-ion battery bank to feed the electrical systems while you’re off grid, a solar charging system to keep it powered up, and options like air conditioning, flat screen TVs, and bike carriers.

The Moghome camper can handle terrain thanks to a hefty diesel four-cylinder engine with lots of torque, an all-wheel drive system, front, rear and center differential locks, and almost two-feet of ground clearance.

According to New Atlas, the fully equipped Ziegler Moghome at CMT 2019 wore an “expo price” of €369,000 (approx. US$420,000). That’s a lot of cash, but it is fairly standard for these high-end expedition vehicles. It’s also currently only available in Europe, but we think an expedition across the pond sounds like quite the adventure. Head over here for more.

The kitchen area features some of the most counter space we’ve seen in a camper of this size.
The bed drops down over the dinette.
A pass-through offers access to the cab and the table can be used in a small or large position.
A sink and toilet area is separate from the shower.

Via: New Atlas