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Stunning vacation home in the woods uses green roofs as camouflage

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The modern vacation home effortlessly blends into its forested surroundings

Wooden home with stone patio Photo: MF+ Arquitetos via Inhabitat

Brazilian firm MF+ Arquitetos’ recently finished project outside of Madrid, Spain, cuts across the lush, green landscape like a wooden splinter. Designed as a vacation house for a family, Casa Spain is 6,400 square feet of wood that’s been fashioned into a sleek, linear house.

The home has two stacked volumes that sprawl horizontally and blend seamlessly into the landscape. The ground floor living room is swathed in wood and neutral colors; a large, uninterrupted window runs its length, giving the room the effect of having no window at all. Adding to the effect is the light stone flooring that extends from inside to outside, making the living room and patio feel like one expansive room.

Living room looking out onto patio Photo: MF+ Arquitetos via Inhabitat
Photo: MF+ Arquitetos via Inhabitat
Home in forest Photo: MF+ Arquitetos via Inhabitat

An oversized eave dangles over the lower patio and also creates space for a large green roof. A smaller, recessed second story with its own green roof has a covered seating area that seems to disappear depending on your vantage point.

Modern wooden house with green lawn Photo: MF+ Arquitetos via Inhabitat

Via: Inhabitat