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Dreamy charred wood cabins dot a rural mountainside

The series of 10 cabins feature three different shapes

A group of wood cabins with charred wood facades sit in rows on a mountainside in China. Photo: Laurian Ghinitoiu via Designboom

The Woodhouse Hotel is a hotel true to its name. Nestled into the steep green hills of Tuanjie, China, the series of 10 modern cabins look like tiny specs of wood against the vast mountain face.

ZJJZ designed the hotel as part of a new government policy aimed at generating tourism in economically depressed rural areas. Tuanjie is a tiny, remote village that’s known for its breathtaking views and farmland. Its location deep in the mountains made constructing the timber buildings challenging—materials had to be manually transported up the mountain.

The ten cabins come in three different wood block shapes—a triangle A-frame, square, and a trapezoid—that sit on a raised steel frame. The facade is built with carbonized timber that’s been charred; the Shou Sugi Ban technique helps the buildings blend into the forest.

A group of cabins with charred wood facades on the side of a mountain. Below the vista are clouds and valleys full of trees. Photo: Laurian Ghinitoiu via Designboom
 A bedroom that has wooden walls and a bed with white and grey bed linens. The ceiling and walls are sloped. Photo: Laurian Ghinitoiu via Designboom
A bathroom in a cabin. There are dark stone floors, a white bathtub, and windows overlooking trees and mountains. Photo: Laurian Ghinitoiu via Designboom

The interiors are wrapped in light wood walls and ceilings with dark stone touches that echo the exterior.

At night, when the lights shine through the large windows, the remote mountain glows with illuminated shapes, creating a stunning effect.

Cabins on a mountainside with light illuminating them from the inside. The cabins all have dark charred wood facades. Photo: Laurian Ghinitoiu via Designboom

Via: Designboom