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Colorful teardrop trailer camps a family in style

A panoramic window creates an airy feel

A camper trailer in a field of wildflowers. The trailer has a blue and white pattern. There is a man lounging on a bed inside the trailer. There are two chairs and a picnic basket sitting next to the trailer. All photos courtesy of Tiny Camper

Whether they catch your eye at an RV show or you do a double-take driving on a highway, teardrop trailers are captivating. Even for people who like larger adventure vans or motorhomes, the swooping lines and cute size of teardrops make them an alluring choice. Love campers and trailers? Come join our community group.

We’ve rounded up our favorite teardrop trailers to buy in the past, but the latest to catch our eye comes from across the pond in Lithuania. Tiny Camper makes two different teardrop models, both in colorful graphics and with a fresh feel compared to the rather stale designs of some American campers.

The Tearcuby (1,650 pounds) is the larger teardrop that sleeps a family in a queen size bed and a child-size bunks. The Mini (1,410 pounds) is Tiny Camper’s smaller model, meant for two people to sleep on a queen size bed with storage above. Both models are made with natural Baltic birch wood, extra large doors, and a panoramic window that makes the cabin feel airy and bright.

Like all teardrops, cooking is accessed from the rear of the trailer. The kitchen area includes a large countertop with storage for food and tools and the option to add a gas tank, fridge, and sink. Other perks include a ventilation fan, lighting, power sockets, and doors on each side.

The larger Tearcuby costs approximately $14,400 while the smaller Mini starts at about $10,000. Prices don’t include shipping costs, and although Tiny Camper does not have any U.S. dealers, they can ship to the United States for an extra fee (we’ve waiting to hear on exactly how much). Tiny Camper also sells DIY kits made up of different parts so people can create their own teardrop trailer.

While many of the amenities are similar to teardrops that we’ve seen, we like the modern look of Tiny Campers, especially the light wood, fun exterior graphics, and large picture windows. See more, this way, and if you’re in the market for a camper, don’t forget to read out guides to the best camper vans, lightweight trailers, and teardrops.

The Mini camper features a pop-up table and cabinets inspired by star constellations.
Both models boast a panoramic rooftop window.
The Mini camper set up for sleeping with a queen size bed.
Large open doors add to the airy feel of the Mini.
The rear kitchen is similar in both models.
The interior of the Tearcuby with a queen size bed and a bunk for a child.