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Modern glass house uses timber frame to play with light

Designed to evoke the feeling of sun filtering through tree branches

House with concrete floors and stairs Photo: Ivar Kvaal via Dezeen

This modern cabin in Skåtøy, Norway, is wrapped in a timber womb. Norwegian studio Atelier Oslo designed the prefab gridded facade to envelope the glassy split-level cabin they created for two artists.

The architects explain that the timber grid aims to evoke the feeling of sun filtering through tree branches. “The inspiration came from the feeling you have when sitting under a tree,” Atelier Oslo’s founding partner, Nils Ole Brandtzæg, told Dezeen.

House next to large rocks Photo: Ivar Kvaal via Dezeen
Living room with large windows and concrete floor Photo: Ivar Kvaal via Dezeen

The grid slips over the main house like a glove and leaves just enough open window space to encourage unencumbered views of the rocky coast and water. “Since the house is fully glazed the wooden structure also works as sun-shading and framing of the views,” he continued. “Towards the neighbors and south it is more closed while it opens up towards the sea and the horizon.”

Black cushion next to concrete fireplace Photo: Ivar Kvaal via Dezeen

Built into the rocky coast of the island, the house sits on a concrete platform with stairs that lead down the sloped terrain. The interior of the home pays homage to the landscape with timber ceilings and concrete floors, and striking—if uncomfortable—hard-edged details.