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Burly truck camper is adventure ready

Prepped to go off-grid and off-road

All photos courtesy of Global X Vehicles

Whether it’s the surge in the popularity of Class B adventure vans or the growing trend of compact and tough travel trailers, many of today’s campers are looking for off-grid power and off-road maneuverability. This type of adventure is often called overlanding, a popular style of camping that requires off-roading to get to far-off destinations. Love campers and trailers? Come join our community group.

In the past, we’ve reported on truck-based overland campers, custom rigs built for exploring, and RVs from EarthRoamer that can cost $1,500,000—all four-wheel-drive RVs that can handle extreme roads and no gas stations for miles. The latest overland vehicle to catch our eye is made by Global X Vehicles (GXV) out of Springfield, Missouri. As part of a new product series, the Adventure Truck and the Adventure-AT by GXV are built to help people explore anywhere they want to go.

Built on either a Dodge Ram 5500 or a Ford F550, the trucks are designed to maintain maneuverability thanks to an 89-inch body and the Adventure Truck’s modest overall length of 21.5 feet. The Adventure-AT adds an over-the-cab sleeping space and is longer at just over 26 feet, but both rigs are made from a molded fiberglass composite and 30mm closed cell foam. This insulation keeps the truck comfortable whether it’s minus 50 degrees in the winter or extra hot in the summer, and a Webasto hydronic heater maintains the cabin temperature while also heating the 60 or 90-gallon fresh water tank.

Inside, a full size 54 inch by 80 inch mattress sleeps two with ease, and a dining area with an adjustable swivel table also converts into an additional sleeping space. The kitchen has all the basics with an induction cooktop, stainless steel sink, refrigerator, and lots of storage for food and supplies. A wash room features a Thetford cassette toilet, wet bath with shower, and a linen cabinet.

The trucks are powered by 650-watt solar panels that keep the 400-800 amp hour AGM or Lithium Ion batteries charged. Rooftop solar panels are angled to help capture the sunlight, and additional options include upgraded suspension, a skylight, a rooftop air conditioner, and a microwave.

The Adventure Truck starts at $198,000 and carries a 100-gallon diesel fuel tank. It’s a burly off-grid dream that can go anywhere you want to go, at a price that while pricey, is more affordable than some other expedition vehicles. Not sure if overlanding is for you? Try it out with these simple rigs that are available for rent out of San Francisco and Las Vegas.