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Are textured wall coverings the new wallpaper?

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Wallpaper enters the 21st century

Chairs in front of textured wallpaper Photo via Mario Romano

Wallpaper is no longer the home decoration of choice for dusty old houses. Instead, it’s having a creative revival thanks to modern takes on the medium. Case in point: A wallpaper from designer Mario Romano that’s not actually paper at all.

Man standing in front of glowing wallpaper Photo via Mario Romano

According to Fast Company, Romano worked with the chemical company DuPont to create custom wall coverings made out of a material called Corian. The material is comprised of acrylic polymer and alumina trihydrate, which gives it a textured thickness that can be CNC machined into various patterns.

Textured white walls in kitchen Photo via Mario Romano

Like normal wallpaper, Corian is applied to a wall in pieces. But unlike wallpaper, it looks and feels more like stone or tile. Romano’s nature-inspired designs—”ripples of water, a butterfly’s wings, waves in the ocean” according the website—look as if they’ve been chiseled into stone.

Chair and lamp in front of optical illusion wall Photo via Mario Romano

It’s a cool multi-dimensional effect that can be installed in showers and normal rooms alike. But wall-sized op-art is going to cost you—Corian panels start at $35 per square foot.