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Small apartment comes with a clever nap pod

Can you really go back to living without a nap pod?

Men sitting in napping nook Photo: José Hevia

In Spain, siestas, or early afternoon naps, are a national pastime. So much so that this charming apartment in Madrid devoted space to ensuring its owner can catch some sleep whenever the mood strikes.

Husos Arquitectos designed the compact dwelling for a doctor whose overnight emergency room shifts meant he needed to come home to a space that feels like the opposite of a sterile hospital room. The 495-square-foot apartment comprises a monochromatic plywood and pine wood interior that gives the space a tawny glow.

”We avoided plastering the walls, opting instead for a solution with breathable mortars in the bathroom, walls, and ceilings,” the architects told Dezeen.

Apartment with blue chairs and wood floors Photo: José Hevia
Chairs sitting in front of projector wall Photo: José Hevia

Using one primary material, the architects were able create playful build-ins like recessed shelving and storage, as well as, of course, the aforementioned nap pod that sits flush against the wall like a cozy booth. The pod has a door that when open creates an airy nook perfect for reading. When closed, the door becomes a way to shut the world out while doubling as a surface for the living room projector. There’s a separate bedroom and walk-in closet behind the plywood walls.

Apartment built from plywood Photo: José Hevia

And lest you forget the sleepiest resident of all, the dog gets a special place to rest, too: Strange little suctioned mounds of cotton dot the floor and provide an ever-moving sleeping space for the owner’s bulldog, Albóndiga.