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New national park guides make RV camping easy

RV rental company Outdoorsy just launched RV guides to national and state parks

Reynolds Mountain at Logan Pass, Glacier National Park.

National Parks are busier than ever in the United States, with many parks seeing record visitation in 2018. But more people can bring more headaches—especially for anyone trying to plan a vacation.

Fortunately, the popular RV rental site Outdoorsy just launched guides to 40 National Parks and over 1,000 state parks. That means that whether you’re trying to get a campsite in some of our country’s most popular parks—think the Grand Canyon and the Smoky Mountains—or if you’re trying to hit a more under-the-radar spot, these guides can help.

Each guide starts with an introduction that orients adventurers to the park’s location and the aspects for which it’s most notable. Then, the guides provide any alerts currently on notice for the park (for example, Rocky Mountain National Park is under an avalanche watch), before explaining both how to get there and what campsites are in the park.

Outdoorsy also offers links to RV rentals in the region, which makes sense because that’s their main business. But beyond this, the guides are simple and streamlined, laying out helpful information like whether the campsites take reservations and whether dogs are welcome. For RVers, the guides also indicate the max RV length accepted in each park, whether or not there are electrical, sewer, and water hookups, and whether or not you can use a generator.

The National Park guides hit all the usual suspects and several lesser known parks that are worth a detour. But we’re also very excited about the state park guides. Organized by state, these under-the-radar gems don’t receive nearly the press of National Parks, but they provide some of the best camping and recreational opportunities in the country. Look up your state and be prepared to be surprised; we guarantee you’ll find a new gem to explore.