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An ultra-stylish hotel where all the furniture and art is for sale

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Peek into Milan’s upcoming Sister Hotel

Room with dark walls and bright orange rug Photo: Alberto Strada

What’s a hotel if not an opportunity to spend a few nights trying on a new lifestyle? Hotels are aspirational by default—the beds, furniture, and robes remind you that things could always be a little nicer, a little plusher.

A soon-to-open hotel in Milan called Sister Hotel is taking that truth to the logical conclusion by letting guests take furniture and artwork home with them. The founders of Milan’s dazzling Six Gallery just created the shoppable hotel in the same 16th-century monastery.

Bedroom with orange velvet couch Photo: Alberto Strada
Bed against dark blue wall Photo: Alberto Strada
Photo: Alberto Strada

David Lopez-Quincoces and Fanny Bauer Grung of Quincoces-Drago designed the hotel, whose brooding color palette comes alive with dark brick walls, rich parquet flooring, and lushly saturated furniture. Sister will feature nine rooms, all with different styles. Naturally, the furniture on display will come from Six Gallery, creating a perfectly stylish closed loop of art and commerce.

Stay tuned for availability. According to The Spaces, the hotel opens this September.