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Need a little green in your life? These micro terrariums can help

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An adorably depressing reminder of how much time we spend indoors

Miniture terrarium in translucent boxes Photo courtesy of Level Scapes

Of all the tradeoffs that come with cramped, city living, a lack of green space ranks pretty high on the list. Companies have tried to solve for this with direct to consumer plant shops, connected apps, and “biophilic” stores that aim to give people their green fix. But nothing drives the dearth of greenery home like these new tiny terrariums from Level Scapes.

Hand holding mini terrariums Photo courtesy of Level Scapes

The New York City-based company offers stackable, translucent terrariums that are so small they almost feel like an inside joke for city dwellers. The plastic boxes are filled with puffs of plants and can be arranged into sculptural stairs and artfully positioned stacks that look like they could be part of a Barbie-sized architectural living wall. To keep the plants alive and thriving, Level Scapes suggests adding a few drops of water to the boxes via a removable lid.

Mini terrariums stacked Photo courtesy of Level Scapes

Bringing a touch (and we mean touch) of green to your desk is going to run you about the same price as a nice, if not Instagram-worthy, succulent. The terrariums start at $39 for a set of six boxes, and go up to $140 for a pack of four.