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Modern gabled house is all about unexpected details

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A new take on a classic shape

House with gabled roof Photo: Ivo Tavares Studio

It’s totally possible to be classic and dramatic at the same time—just check out this gorgeous gabled house in Portugal from Frari Architects. Designed for the firm’s founder, the Arch House is a 3,229-square-foot residence whose simple frame belies some striking details.

The house stretches across the plot in an almost elementary shape. The roof and facade angle into an exaggerated “house” shape, as if it were drawn by a child (granted, a child with excellent taste).

People sitting in living room Photo: Ivo Tavares Studio

Inside, things get more complex. The architects filled out the interior with a series of shipping-container like rooms that look out over the living room like a house within a house.

A wall-sized door opens directly to the garage, turning the space into an extension of the home. The house cleverly plays with positive and negative space, creating unexpected angles and shapes that contrast against the pristine white walls.

House with interior windows Photo: Ivo Tavares Studio
Bedroom with angled window Photo: Ivo Tavares Studio