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15 irresistible planters for your greenery

No standard clay pots here

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Archromo Planter and Tray, $70, Light + Ladder; Bistro Rattan Planter and Stand, $99, Urban Outfitters.

Houseplants are having a moment and for good reason. They not only can help purify the air and boost your mood, but also provide effortless decor. In addition to the natural beauty of sprightly leaves and earthy hues, the planters housing the greenery provide another inspiring decorative element.

Below, we’ve rounded up all sorts of charming planters, from the architectural and understated to the bright and whimsical. These picks range in size and are grouped by type: tabletop, floor, or hanging.

When purchasing planters, do note whether they come with drainage holes. If a planter has drainage holes, you may want a saucer or tray underneath to collect extra water. If there are no drainage holes, consider using it as a cachepot and plant in a smaller plastic pot with drainage holes that will go inside the more stylish vessel.

Need a plant first? Read our guides on how and where to buy plants online.


Perfect for a side table, console table, or the kitchen counter, small- to medium-size planters look good on their own or as an ensemble. Feel free to get as kooky or minimalist as you want.


Bigger plants, like a trendy fiddle-leaf fig tree, will need to go in larger-size floor planters. You can also make a bigger statement with moderately-sized plants by putting them on plant stands.


Ah, hanging plants, they’re not just for the dreamy dens of Instagram. Try the style out yourself with these picks and let those vines trail.