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Lego’s newest bricks teach kids to read Braille

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Absolutely brilliant

Child playing with LEGO bricks Photo: Lego

Lego, the toy that’s given us life-sized cars and miniature wind turbines, has come up with perhaps its most ingenious product yet: bricks designed to help children learn Braille. The newly piloted bricks come molded with studs in the shape of Braille letters instead of the standard rows.

The company worked with organizations from Norway, Denmark, Brazil, and the UK to develop the kit, which includes 250 bricks. Each Braille Brick has studs that represents a letter, number, or math symbol in the Braille alphabet. The bricks also come with a written representation of the letter for sighted people.

Child playing with LEGO Photo: Lego
LEGO bricks on gray grid Photo: Lego

The bricks can be stacked and attached to each other like normal Legos, which is a brilliant way to make learning words a tactile and fun process. The kit is still currently being piloted in Portuguese, English, Danish, and Norwegian, with kits in French and German to be developed later this year. The kits should be available to the public in 2020.