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The best outdoor sofas to buy now

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Treat yourself this summer

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The Standish Patio Loveseat ($247.49) is weather resistant and brings compact style to any patio.

Summer is in full swing and there’s no better time to upgrade your outdoor furniture. Whether you have a sprawling backyard oasis or a compact balcony, sprucing up the space with a few new items is a sure way to help you enjoy the outdoors. The best part? Mid-summer bargains are rolling in.

We’ve covered the many different types of outdoor furniture—like rattan, fabrics, and teak—in the past, and today we turn to the ultimate in patio indulgence: the outdoor sofa. While a patio dining table and chair set may be a necessity during the hot summer months, the outdoor couch most certainly isn’t.

Instead, the outdoor sofa is a pleasant extravagance, a simple way to level up your exterior spaces with comfort, style, and pizazz. Outdoor sofas encourage lingering conversations, a 20-minute nap, and laughter among friends. They’re the ultimate way to treat yourself this summer, and we’ve rounded up some of our favorite picks, below.

Bold and beautiful

Not sure how to add color or texture to your living spaces? Start with the outdoors. Big splashes of fun, bold colors are balanced by greenery and the open air; interetsing textures are also an easy way to show your more outgoing design style.

Everyday comfort

For when you want a comfy couch that does the job, these couches and modular systems check all the boxes.

Palazzo Carbon Modular Seating

We love furniture that can be customized to a unique space, and the Palazzo modular system lets you add just the right pieces. It also features weather-resistant cushions and a powdercoated solid aluminum frame that holds up under the elements.

Small spaces, big impact

Just because you have a small outdoor living space, that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice lounge-worthy furniture. Avoid multi-piece sectionals and instead opt for small benches that can be spruced up with pillows.

Brusen Outdoor Sofa

  • $279

This simple red sofa doesn’t come with any cushions, so beware. But if you’re looking for a deal and have a few extra pillows lying around, the powder-coated steel base is an affordable and easy way to add seating to an outdoor room.

Sleek and minimalist

If you style veers toward the tenet of “less is more,” look for sofas that are a blank slate for your decor space. Clean lines, neutral colors, and unique textures add interest.

For the drama queen

Sumptuous outdoor spaces are infinitely Instagrammable—amp up the drama with these go-to pieces, below.