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The classic Ford Bronco goes all-electric

Zero Labs gave the SUV a modern makeover

Modern Ford Bronco on dirt road Photo: Zero Labs

Good news for lovers of classic Ford Broncos: The car is back, and it just got a lot more green (and a lot more luxurious). Electric automotive company Zero Labs recently showed off a souped up sustainable version of the SUV that runs 100 percent on electricity.

Zero Labs’s car, available in a limited edition batch of 150, is based on the 1966-77 model and retains much of the car’s charms including the oversized boxy build, big headlights, and manual gear control. Pretty much everything else is different.

Man in drivers seat Photo: Zero Labs
Leather steering wheel and console made from bamboo Photo: Zero Labs

The silvery car is made from carbon fiber and has more than 10,000 original parts, according to Designboom. The inside looks like it was stripped from a minimalist hotel and retrofitted into a car. The car sports walnut or bamboo interior finishes with leather (or vegan leather) seats. the gear shifter is sleekly built from chromed aluminum, giving every part of the Bronco a luxurious touch.

Bronco driving down road Photo: Zero Labs

The car has a 70 kWh battery that keeps it humming for 190 miles, which is plenty of leeway to take the thing offloading (if you can bear to get it dirty).