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Craft floorplans for your Airbnb listing with this clever new service

Finally, a way to prove that two-bedroom is really two bedrooms

Blueprint of home Image: Archibnb

It’s happened to everyone—you book a two-bedroom Airbnb only to find out upon arrival that “two beds” means one bedroom and a daybed in the kitchen.

Uncertainty has always been a built-in feature of the sharing economy; you never really know what you’re getting until you get there. But as ArchDaily reports, a new service, cleverly called Archibnb, is looking to provide clarity to short-term rental hosts and guests with customized floor plans that can be added to listings.

For $49.99, Archibnb will create a professional-looking floorplan of your listing, including more qualitative notations like “big comfy bed,” “Vitra furniture,” and “killer view from this window.” Hosts provide architectural drawings or a hand-drawn sketch, and the service will translate it into a simplified blueprint of sorts that can even depict where shared and private space is in the home.

Floorplan drawing Image: Archibnb

Like so many of the businesses that have sprung up in the Airbnb cottage industry, Archibnb is an attempt to professionalize what is already an increasingly professional industry. The company says its sketches will cut down on questions for hosts and disappointments for guests, who now know exactly what they’re getting, down to the placement of closet space.