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These adorable 3D-printed habitats are for the bugs in your home

Spiders deserve a place to call home, too

Ladybug on yellow 3d printed structure Photo: Angelo Renna

Every home has a thriving ecosystem of insects that most people prefer to ignore or exterminate. But what if instead of getting rid of the bugs in your house, you gave them a cozy place to stay?

A new project called Lesser House from Dutch designer Angelo Renna proposes a series of tiny 3D-printed homes for spiders, ants, flies, and other insects. According to Designboom, he worked with wildlife specialist Francesco Carrasso to design the bright yellow homes to cater to each insect’s shape and mimic its natural habitat.

Ladybugs, for example, get a bauble-like home that allows the bugs to move around while staying protected from predators like spiders. The jumping spider house is built from two tiered platforms that let the arachnid hop from one level to the next.

It’s unclear if insects will actually take to their new plastic habitats, but Renna’s clever provocation is a good reminder that however creepy and crawly the bugs in your home might be, they’re actually just little creatures displaced from their real homes.

Ant on bright yellow object Photo: Angelo Renna
Spider sitting on bright yellow disk Photo: Angelo Renna