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Western Europe’s tallest building planned for tiny rural town

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1,049-foot building will rise in a town of 7,000 people

Courtesy of Bestseller

When you think of tall buildings in Europe, your mind likely jumps to skyscrapers in London, Frankfort, or Madrid. But according to The Guardian, a local company in Brande, Denmark, has announced plans to build a 1,049-foot building that towers over the countryside.

The catch? The rural town of Brande features a population of just 7,000 people.

Called the Bestseller Tower, the skyscraper will be the headquarters of Bestseller the company, a popular clothing company made up of 17 different brands like Vero Modo and Jack and Jones. Bestseller is based in Denmark and owned by Anders Holch Polvsen, the country’s richest man.

The high-rise will be designed by architectural studio Dorte Mandrup and feature not only the skyscraper, but also 30 shopping stores, a hotel, a school, the Bestseller offices, and public space. The 1,049-foot height will make it the tallest building in Denmark and 34 feet taller than London’s Shard.

The local council in Brande recently voted to move the project forward last month. “It will be a landmark that places Brande on the map,” said Anders Krogh Vogdrup, head of constructions for Bestseller.

When completed, the tower will be visible from 37 miles away thanks to Denmark’s flat landscape, and the Guardian reports that most locals have supported the idea. Danish satirical newspaper Rokokoposten compared the building to the Tower of Sauron from Lord of the Rings.