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Cozy camper van feels more like a tiny house than an RV

Innovative sleeping nooks let you bring the family

Photos by Tim Hall Photography, courtesy of This Moving House

Whether we admire an innovative DIY van or a gorgeous custom conversion, here at Curbed we never tire of scoping out the latest and greatest camper vans. And it seems that our readers agree; our stories on camper vans of all types—big, small, and affordable—are consistently some of our most-read stories. Love campers and trailers? Come join our community group.

Today, we bring you a build from across the pond in Oxford, England. Jack Richens and his girlfriend Lucy Hedges create cozy, home-inspired camper vans and document the process on their blog This Moving House. We’ve covered some of their vans in the past, including this serene camper and another one that features two dog kennels and a pull-out bed.

The latest rig from This Moving House was completed in March 2019 and is called the Jubel Explorer. Built on a long wheel base Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, the van features Richens’s now signature pod bunks. Unlike other bunk beds that are open and seem too industrial, these beds are stacked on top of each other and enclosed to create two delightful sleeping nooks.

The interior of each nook features a reading light, port-hole style windows, and a curtain for privacy, and below the beds is a fixed full-size mattress with tailored bedding. A staircase-inspired storage system allows access to the bunks, and underneath the main bed are pull-out drawers that provide even more space for clothes or gear.

The kitchen area is adorable and quaint; white and wood mix well together and provide a base for the copper and white sink and the two-burner stove. Both front seats swivel to face the three-person bench seat in the rear, and the removable bench seat is also rated for car seats to haul the whole family. A diesel heater keeps the cabin toasty at night, and an 80-liter water tank and a 110ah and 12volt electrical system powers the rest of the van.

The Jubel Explorer was made for a client, and has currently been shipped to Italy to start its adventures. In the meantime, we can’t wait to see what This Moving House dreams up next.

Cozy and inviting, the van looks more like a small apartment than a camper.
Swivel chairs and a table create space for a family to eat.
The kitchen is warm and inviting, despite its diminutive size.
Adding a clever top to a drawer creates extra counter space.
This Moving House Jubel Explorer
Storage under the main bed provides a place for clothes.
One of the sleeping nooks.
Storage underneath the staircase on the van’s side.
Small cubby areas, a reading light, and porthole make the nook feel less claustrophobic.
The rear of the van features a large pull-out drawer and room for gear.