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The best camp cooking gear for adventurous chefs

Level up your camping supplies

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A stainless steel grill with a pot that has steam rising from it. There is a fire burning under the grill. There is a person using a wooden spoon to stir food inside of the pot.
The stainless steel Wolf and Grizzly portable grill packs down small and allows you to cook over a fire anywhere.
Courtesy of Wolf and Grizzly

Camping season is almost upon us, and even the most seasoned adventurers are likely due for a refresh with their camping gear. And whether you enjoy the great outdoors from the comforts of an adventure van or the four walls of a tent, one of the easiest ways to level up your experience is with top-notch food and drink.

We’re not saying you can’t rough it with foil-packet meals and hot dogs, but a bit of thoughtfulness—and the right cooking gear—can make a huge difference. Fortunately, there are a plethora of new products out there for adventurous gourmands, from sleek flasks to high-design cutting board and knife sets. Below, 10 picks for chefs who like to have some adventure—in the kitchen and outdoors.

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Stainless Steel Wine Glasses from GSI Outdoors have bases that nest into the rim for packing. $13.95, Amazon.
This Chopping Board set from Snow Peak includes a handy holder, knife, and board. $49.91, Amazon.
The Fireflight from High Camp Flasks includes two 6-shooter tumblers and a 750 ml flask with a magnetic locking system. $99, High Camp Flasks.
BioLite’s Basecamp Wood Burning Stove System weighs less than 18 pounds and can grill or boil for large groups. $199.95, Amazon.
Snowpeak’s stainless steel, 1-liter Barista Kettle makes gourmet coffee a camp standard. $140.70, Amazon.
The Wolf & Grizzly Portable Grill packs down small and makes dinner easy. $99, Amazon.
The Opinel Nomad Camping set includes a serrated knife, corkscrew, peeler, cutting board, and cleaning cloth. $85, Amazon.
Amp up the flavor with this 9-piece spice starter set. $29.97, Amazon.
Snow Peak’s streamlined take on an old classic—the dutch oven—is crafted in Japan. $119.95, Backcountry Gear.
The Omnia Oven works on any type of burner or grill to bake pizza, desserts, and breads. $67, Amazon.